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Puzzle Penguins

Puzzle PenguinsPuzzle Adventure

It's an all-out Penguin panic!
The glacier you call home has broken apart, and all of the baby penguins in your village are drifting away. Take control of the only hydrophobic penguin in the world and lead him to be the hero he always wanted to be!


1. Swipe to slide around, but don't fall in the water.
(Why is this is the one penguin that can't swim?)

2. Rescue all the babies
(Baby penguins are called "chicks"!)

3. Make your escape on the exit pad.
(It's big and blinking - you can't miss it.)

Get ready for 60 levels of penguin puzzlery from by the minds behind the acclaimed Mouse House series of apps.

Mouse House
Mouse House
Mouse House
Mouse House

Download your Puzzle Penguins Papercraft now!

Penguin (PDF)
Baby Penguin 1 (PDF)
Baby Penguin 2 (PDF)
Baby Penguin 3 (PDF)
Baby Penguin 4 (PDF)

Send us your photos of finished Puzzle Penguins papercraft, and we may feature them on the site!

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